The future of work: Visit with high profile industry experts at major conference of the Interim Management community.

AIMP, the Association of Interim Management Providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, invites the interim community to a two day event on April 20th and 21st, 2018. Location: The famous castle ‘Schwarzenstein’ in Germany, which has a spectacular view to the Rhine river, in the middle of famous Riesling wineries.

With a dedicated focus on interim management, but in the backlight of all work forms, we will roll out a scenario for 2030 and work on key questions:

  • Job requirements: Smarter and/or harder?
  • Work content: Will it change continuously like a moving target?
  • Who loses his/her job through digital disruption? Who will experience a job enlargement or enrichment?
  • Options for flexibility in a global context?
  • Will there be more or less interim opportunities?
  • Pricing strategies for different interim qualities?

If you are interested, listening to high profile industry experts and discussing it with us, please visit and register for the event.

Butterflymanager GmbH, active Member of AIMP, will be there with a dedicated team and an exhibition stand. See you at the castle!