Who we are

We are distinguished from portals and other providers by the quality of our service and more

Founded in 2003, butterflymanager is a recruitment consultancy specialising in interim management.

What makes
us different

We are proud to offer experience and quality in each of the following areas:


We ensure legal certainty in accordance with the current legal situation. So, the butterflymanager GmbH – not the interim manager – is the company’s contractual partner. As such, we assume responsibility and are the party that contracts the interim manager (the so-called “Dutch model”). During the project, supervision of the interim manager by butterflymanager – and an assurance of performance and quality – provide extra security for all parties involved.


Our work is characterised by transparency and clearly defined procedures.


We are independently. None of our pool of interim managers are affiliated with us on a permanent basis and as such, we face no obligation to prioritise certain members over others. This means that you, as the customer, are recommended only those candidates who are currently available and optimally suited for your job.


The majority of our interim managers have been on our books for a number of years, and we’ve got to know them through structured interviews and ongoing personal contact (e.g. at events or further training sessions). References and feedback from projects are also incorporated into the overall picture.


You’ll receive a well-reasoned justification for each candidate recommendation. The final decision about whether to hire – and if so, whom – lies entirely with you.


All of our interim managers have proven qualifications, are personally known to us and come with excellent references.


Each of our customers is assigned a fixed internal point of contact that oversees the placing of an interim manager and carries out regular quality interviews. Where required, this support also includes professional escalation management.

butterflymanager fulfilfs the high quality standards of the industry organisations AIMP and DDIM. These “Good Market Practices” are standards applied by professional providers of interim management services in their daily cooperation with customers and interim managers. They are designed to increase levels of added value and quality in the interim management sector, to protect the name of interim management on the market and to promote trust-based cooperation between providers and users of interim management services.